About Me

I am a spiritual cowgirl at heart.  I was born and raised as a cowgirl.  I learned at an early age the value of working with true grit;  caring about people, animals and my community; and the joys of connecting with others in a fun and relaxed environment.  I was also raised as a Christian.  As a child I had a hard time understanding the “voice of God” always wondering if maybe I wasn’t good enough because I didn’t hear it.  Then I had the most amazing spiritual experience at NBC Basketball Camp when I was in the 8th grade.  I deeply felt and “heard” (not with my ears) the message from our Creator.  That started my journey.

Throughout my lifetime I have experienced some traumatic events.  I have also been on a quest for health.  I have come to know that mind, body and spirit connections go hand in hand with regard to being truly well.  I have voraciously researched wellness topics, not just for my own healing, but for my friends and family as well.  I have learned a tremendous amount on this journey.  I have met some amazing people who have tremendous talents and gifts; have a true heart for service to others; and with whom I am honored to call my “Cast of Angels.”  These are people I want you to know as well.  Together we can learn from each other and live out our divine purpose.

In 2013, I woke up early one morning and knew that I was receiving a profound message from God.  I sat at the computer and started typing – it was the detailed plan for Cowgirl Spiritual Journeys.  Along with that message, I received a really strong message that I was not supposed to push (in my normal cowgirl fashion) to “make” it happen.  God was telling me “It will happen in its due time.”  Three years of patience and strong spiritual connection led me to the message 3 years later that “It is time.”

The first CSJ Gathering will begin on June 16, 2016.  My grandmother would have been 100 on this day.  My grandmother has been a huge influence in my life.  I shared with her my vision from God about Cowgirl Spiritual Journeys and she was very happy for me.  I know she is with me on this journey in spirit.

The purpose of Cowgirl Spiritual Journeys is to create space and opportunity for people to connect with each other, and be in touch with their body, mind and spirit.  It will be weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle, to reconnect with nature, ourselves and our Creator on a deeper level.

This is a non-denominational event.  Along with my interest in the teachings of Jesus Christ, I have also researched many different perspectives on spirituality and healing, including Native American, Ayurvedic, Brazilian, and African, just to name a few.  We are more alike than we are different!  I am excited to share these insights with you.

I am so honored to be given this opportunity and to share my journey!