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At Cowgirl Spiritual Journeys our mission is to bless you with an opportunity to go deeper with your true self, remembering you who you were born to be.


We explore alignment with body, mind, spirit and nature – cowgirl style

This is an opportunity for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and focus on you.

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Where we will explore and engage you to become more in tune with nature, your body, mind and spirit

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We Created this Platform for

You To

Share your journey, build connections and enjoy wisdom teachings.


Join us for an enlightening weekend with amazing spiritual women!

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Why Join Us at the Retreat?


Your mind can take you places. 

Your mind creates visions, aspirations and dreams. 

It re-lives memories, creates stories (good or bad) which lead to your outlook on things and influences your potential and ultimate happiness.

What you think about expands!


Taking care of your mind is vitally important today – your future depends on it!

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How much time do you spend on regrets or negative things from the past? 

How does it influence you in the present?

What you think about expands!

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